Oct 30, 2016
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Our five top tips for getting the best from your hired cleaner

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  1. Make it clear exactly what you are expecting from your cleaner

The best way to start out when hiring a cleaner is to have a clear idea in your mind of what you want your cleaner to do. Of course, you want them to clean but this is often too vague. You should have a detailed plan of specifically what areas of the house you want them to clean and how frequently you expect those areas to be cleaned.

You can even have an example ready of the quality of cleaning that you expect. It makes sense to invite the cleaner in to see how you keep your house when it has been freshly cleaned.

Starting out like this means that your cleaner understands exactly what you require from them from the outset and it avoids any confusion going forward.

  1. Provide good cleaning materials and equipment.

If you provide cleaning materials and equipment for your cleaner, then it will be far easier for them to carry out the job. You know that the right tools will be used as well as the right cleaning products and this will make their job far easier.

In addition, because the cleaner does not have to spend time finding the right products or going through your cupboards to find your cleaning equipment it means they can spend the maximum amount of time doing what you are paying them to do – cleaning.

  1. Check you and your cleaner are on the same page

It is a good idea to spend the first appointment with your cleaner – this allows you to show them around your home and make sure they can find everything that they need as well as being able to understand what areas of the house they should be cleaning.

Nobody likes to be monitored throughout every step of their work but having this assisted clean on the first occasion makes it easier going forward and ensures that you and your cleaner are on the same page. This is the ideal time for your cleaner to ask you any questions that they may have and vice versa.

  1. Let the cleaner clean

We touched on this briefly in step 3 – nobody likes to feel like they are being watched over, so once you have gone over everything once with your cleaner let them get on with the job. Give them the trust that they deserve and allow them to clean your house without being watched over. If there are any problems going forward you can discuss them and you could even have a periodic review of the cleaning – for example once per month you could have a meeting to discuss any problems or any areas that you feel are not being cleaned to your specification.

  1. Respect your cleaners time.

If you must cancel an appointment you should let your cleaner know in advance. Equally you would expect the same notice from your cleaner. Having this courtesy in place insures that you have a good relationship with your cleaner and this keeps everyone happy as well as keeping your cleaner motivated to do a great job of cleaning your home.

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